Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Live Like A Boss w My Bitch Day 2

Hey all Happy Deepavali! How are you spend your holiday? Too bad I'm only having 1 day holiday in Singapore, no choice, Singapore was listed as the top 2 country which having the least holiday inAsia. Yea, that's mean they people are super hardworking and do I.

It was about 2 months waited for my 2nd post for my Bali vacation, hahah! As the time after working was tiring, struggling the mood to blog, hmm..lazy to type(because too much of typing when working) heheh!

So, this entry is about the second day in Bali.

Woke up by the bird's chatter, I was surprised when I opened my eyes and the day was bright up at 6.30 a.m.
Don't feel like wake up and wanna lie down on the bed until my sweet dream go off.

Juvenn was calling me to wake for morning swim. Of course I did! ;)

The live like a boss life gonna kick off by this table of breakfast which prepared by the hotel chef and waitress! Seriously, they are serving too nice!

My peach fruit juice, poach egg and bacon. The poach egg was juicy and fresh, I can't make it the perfect after tried out for time at home now. ;(

Finished breakfast and headed to Water Rafting! 
Can you see the high pillar all over the road? Look something like Indian pray material? Ya, that is a culture, was all handmade by their Indonesia man of own house respectively.

Finally can see them carry stuff on their head. The traditional method is still using on their country :)

We then reached destination after 2 hours of travel. Btw, forgot what the place name, teehee!
Ready with secure stuff wore and post YEAH! Adventure Here We Go!

Our trainer, Mr. Kuma!

We got to walk a long distance all the way down the torrent!

I feel so afraid to walking down when I noticed the torrent was so ....!!

The concrete ladder was not secure, there are not be repair and the railing shaking when I clutching and guess what? I doesn't notice there was an animal's faeces on the railing and I hold on it! MFG! Scream out and I frighten my bitches! LOL

Finally we reached the torrent starting point. Picture snapped before we went off the adventure! ^.^

The torrent was really fun! It took about 1 hour plus to reach the ending point, even it is not as adventure as I think, but it was a good experience for beginner like me. 
Finished the activity and went up to the hill and few of the native having business over the hill. They selling handmade stuff and drinks for tourists.

Travel guide was waiting right there and we have our lunch before back to villa. Get some rest at villa after row in the torrent. Then, headed to Kuta street again for second shopping, we bargain at the clothes, the souvenir and bikini. Honestly, that's not an ideal shopping places because their selling things pricey.

Walked around the street and found some special foods.
Super big Currypuff!


Carriage! Fairy tale.

Alright! Travel in Bali Day3 coming for next. Now is time to get some rest and do some move after whole day of lappy-ing.
See you :D

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Live Like a Boss in Bali w my Bitches~ DaY 1

  Been waiting for September in super excited mode as there are getaway with my bitches which planned months ago. And it finally arrived after so long, this time was the special one. The very first time of vacation abroad at famous island, the very first time travel by flight alone to a strange location. Yet I was enjoyed the journey from Singapore to our destination, it was cool!

  Taken in Changi Airport a minute before depart. ;) can't wait to meet up with my bitches since we never meet for about one year plus.

Reached Bali airport and manage to met them after one hour. Soon, we got transfered to our villa which arrange in advance by the villa. Our "live like a boss" vacation started officially once we step in the car! Here we go!!!

Can't wait to see the villa design inside!

Can you see that private pool? OMG! It is super nice and luxury!

Master bed room facing the private pool.

Proceed from the bedroom and there are jacuzzi!

The view see from second floor balcony. Very fresh and calm.

And here is the view behind our villa.

Frangipani of Bali.

The first thing we wanted to do was  jump inside the pool !

Finished our first swim session, our first visited place was a good ambience restaurant which belong to our travel guide, Mr. Wira.

All the dishes prepared were delicious and it recall my taste bud right now! *slurp*
But this picture taken missed out the recommended dish, super nice Pork Ribs. It was the most delicious Pork Ribs I ever had in my life.

The travel guide then brought us to Kuta street and did some shopping, what to buy in Bali/Indonesia?
Ralph Lauren la! haha~
See the result me and Ms.Juvenn got:

First day in Bali passed simply and there are actually nothing much different with Malaysia city town yet slightly different in their living style because they believe hard in their religion.
The next post will be the second day live like a boss. Stay Tune ;D

Sunday, June 17, 2012

With Bestie Fish

Hi There! How are you guys doing?
It's been a month more I didn't visit to my own blog (sound like a reader) HAHA! My blog being discard since long without entertainment but more about heart talk and blow off. 
It shouldn't be like that to ruin the mood of everyone of you as well as my ownself. So, this time will blog about the outing with the bestie who visited to Singapore last month.

The time is little rush for us to meet up and only the night time about few hours. Hence no night activity at Clark Quay like last year, too bad.
Met her up after my work at Orchard. Headed to 满记甜品 for desert.

Mango Delight with Vanila Ice-cream.

Yam Tart. I name it by myself as no idea what it call. Not really delicious but it is good if only one spoon of it. :)

The bestie - Fish Ching 

Spot my face is round in shape! I'm gaining weight from day to day, sometime my soul get shock when I standing in front of a mirror, How can it be? LOL.
Diet plan mode is now on, exercise more, eat less! Gym more! Oily food less!
Seriously it is also because my vacation to HK and Bali coming soon, I can't let a fat body chop on those  memorable photos, right? xD

The second day, We visited to the Eye Of Singapore! Went to Marina Bay Sand Sky Bar.
The scene was damn cool and amazing! On that moment then I realized " Oh YEAH! This Is Singapore! "
A very busy and evolve country is shinning with all the developed technology.

 The ticket cost SGD20 each person, no doubt, it is worth if you are foreigner but meaningless for Singaporean.

It is a short post anyway to kill part of time as a patient on Sunday. I was in sick case for about 2 weeks, MC for twice in a month, nick of MC Queen soon be mine. FML!

Okay, stay tune for my next post!

♥ Happy Fathers day dear all ♥